What is S2K TakeOver?

To answer this question, we must first talk about HPDE. What is that?! Great question! HPDE stands for High Performance Driver Education and refers to driving schools held at dedicated race tracks designed to create a safe and controlled environment for enthusiasts to enjoy their cars on track. At S2K TakeOver Inc, we have teamed up with some of the most renowned road-course tracks in the east coast to help provide a platform for the average Honda S2000 enthusiast to enjoy their car on track.


What To Expect?

Fun. Period. Each event is a place to enjoy your car, catch up with friends and meet new ones. We have made the process of getting on track easy and affordable for not only those interested in getting on track for the first time but also for those interested in sharpening their skills.

The best thing you can do at any track day is learn. Learn about the track, about your car but most importantly, about yourself. While at one of our events, please stop by and say hello and as always, we encourage everyone to ask questions.

Safety is Our #1 Priority, followed by PASSION!

Each TakeOver is a place to learn from one another. We have a growing community of participants with a wide range of experience from first-timers to seasoned enthusiasts. We all come together at the event with a shared passion for Motorsports; this inspires conversations with advice, ideas and new perspectives.

We believe there is something for everyone to learn each time they get on the track. It is with this in mind that we set out to provide maximum track time at fair prices so all participants can get the most out of their track day.



World Renowned Tracks - Our Partners

We are expanding our partnership every season to help bring you more seat time at different tracks for you to keep building up your skill. After successful events at New York Safety Track (NYST), we have continued our partnership and are again offering this track twice a year - in the Spring & Fall.

For 2019, we are proud to announce our newest track offering - New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) Thunderbolt and for 2020, Waktins Glen International. We are looking forward to bringing these exciting iconic tracks to our roster for all of you to enjoy. Please continue to look out for more track offerings as we continue to expand.

2019 Calendar of Events (subject to change)

  • May 10 - New York Safety Track (NYST)

  • August 5 - New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) Thunderbolt

  • September 27 - New York Safety Track (NYST)

Future Planned (subject to change)

  • Watkins Glen International (2020 Season Opener)